Children Play Competitive Sports

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* A parent is a childs role model A parent should spend the majority of a childs formative years molding a child's sense of right and wrong teaching about responsibility etc. All of this time spent in school or with parents makes up the bulk of influence and direction in a child's life. Children learn by example, their parents example. An athlete on the other hand kicks a ball for 80/90 mins on TV on the weekend yet he is supposed to be a "role model". Athletes are there to play sports not raise your children. An athlete, by definition is someone who is praised for their physical prowess, nowhere in that definition does require said athlete to fit into a "role model" role. Calling an athlete a role model is the ultimate cop out for lazy or failed parents looking to place blame for their unruly and badly brought up children. * I agree because, no matter what you do, you should act professionally. When it comes to sports teams, they should act just as professionally as anyone else. In fact, they should act more professionally than others for the simple fact they have more youngsters looking up to them as role models. Unfortunately, many players do not act appropriately, and this does not help future generations. * Athletes should be mentors for how they play the sport, but, they should not be role models. Role models can be mentors but they can't really be role models can they? To answer this question you have to ask yourself who are the role models in your life? For most people its there parents, grown ups around us and even sometimes our friends. When people watched Michael Jordan they may have thought,"Wow it looks great to be able to dunk a basketball like that but I sure would not want his vicious gambling addictions”. Athletes can be a good demonstration on how to do athletics, but they can't help your child with there homework, teach them or
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