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Stephen McDonald McDonald 1 Eng 111-08B Oct. 7, 2009 Different Infield Positions There are four main infield positions. Each position has many differences about them. Such as: the thought that each infielder has to have before the pitch, where he should be at, and most importantly, what he has to do if the ball is hit to him. Every position has a specific importance and characteristics as well: first baseman, second baseman, shortstop, and thirdbaseman. The first baseman is a very important part of the infield. The first baseman is involved on just about every ball hit on the infield, and a lot of the balls that are hit to the outfield. If there is a ball hit anywhere on the infield, he is going to be involved by having…show more content…
Almost, all the time, he is going to be the best infielder with his glove and arm. Shortstops have to be very good because they get a lot of balls hit to them. They sometimes have to make plays on balls hit in the holes. The shortstop is the “general” on the infield. He has priority over all the infielders. So he has to be able to use his head and know when to step up and make sure the job gets done. He has to have a lot of range so he can make the play on balls hit in the hole or slow rollers to come get. As well as having range, he has to have a good arm to make the throw across the infield to first base after fielding those deep…show more content…
A third baseman has to have a lot of range as well. Any ground ball hit on the left side of the infield that the third baseman can get to without going back has to be fielded by him. The third baseman has a better angle for making the throw to first base than the shortstop does. Third base is called the “hot corner.” It was given this name for a very true reason. Balls hit to third base are usually pulled very hard. They are screaming coming across the ground. This is why the third baseman is the bravest infielder. Some of the hardest hit balls are hit there. He has to stay in front of the balls and make sure the plays are made. He has to have a good arm to make the throws all the way across to first base, whether from right on the edge of the infield grass or on the outer part of the infield by the outfield grass. But even more importantly, he has to have an even better glove to handle those hot shots hit in his direction. Infielders do have a lot in common at each position. But each one does have specific characteristics and a certain role to fulfill every day, which has to become second nature to them. Theirs has to be an every day routine. What goes through the infielder’s head is different at all times of the game or practice. But, each has one common thought in there: make the play, no matter what. If each infielder does their specific job, their team will be

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