Chapter 10 Communication Analysis

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Reading chapter ten helped me on my own communication skills. I'm getting married next weekend May 16th and a wedding alone can cause stress on someone. Now add school and work on top of already planning a wedding its stressful and sometimes I forget how to approach things. Being able to have good communication seemed hard for me at first until I read chapter ten. On page 311 in our Benokraitis it talks about scapegoating. Scapegoating is another way of avoiding honest communication about a problem and blaming others. When it came time to start planning the wedding everyone was trying to tell me what I need and I just did it their way without expressing what I wanted. After reading page 331 I decided to be open and honest with my communication…show more content…
Lies are harmful and apologetic people are rarely taken seriously. I need to state my wishes and requests clearly and directly. Don't be manipulative, defensive, or sexually seductive. But there are also other things that people need to stop and think about that could help and approve communication. Like no passive - aggressive behavior, or expressing anger indirectly in the form of criticism, sarcasm, nagging or nitpicking. Something I read on page 314 really works. Use humor and common relief; laugh at yourself and the situation but not at your partner. Learning to take ourselves less seriously and to recognize our flaws without becoming so self-critical that we wallow in shame or self-pity can shorten fights. Our most intimate relationships are within the family. Being able to express thoughts and feelings and to listen are critical components of all close relationships. A major goal of effective communication is developing ways of interacting that are clear, nonjudgmental, and no punitive. A second important goal is resolving conflict through problem solving rather than coercion or manipulation. Very little can be gained if someone tells us how we are suppose to feel, how we are suppose to behave, or what we are supposed to do with our lives. (Pages 307 and

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