Changing Technology In Education Essay

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Changing Technology in Education Children today are growing up in a world that has changed significantly over the past ten years. They are comfortable around technology that they have known all their lives. The changes going on today create an opportunity and a necessity for a transformation in the education system. Kindergarten has been changing rapidly in the United States; Kindergarten teachers are facing many new demands on curriculum. Technology has brought many changes to education; educators have been continually faced with change driven by new technology. Children are entering Kindergarten now with more knowledge. Kindergarten teachers are facing curriculum changes because of advancement of technology, media, and social interactions. Teachers may use films, slides, overhead projectors, and the latest technology in teaching, including computers, telecommunication systems, and video discs. Use of computer resources, such as educational software and the Internet, exposes students to a vast range of experiences and promotes interactive learning. Through the Internet, American students can communicate with students in other countries. Students also use the Internet for individual research projects and information gathering. Computers are used in other classroom activities as well, from helping students solve math problems to learning English as a second language. Teachers may also use computers to record grades and perform other administrative and clerical duties. They must continually update their skills so they can instruct and use the latest technology in the classroom. Educational children’s shows need to be fast moving and employ interesting characters and concepts in order to continue to hold the interest of children as well as their teachers and parents. Having these qualities will encourage a child’s natural curiosity and enable them to
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