Learning and Communicating Online Assessment 1b

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Learning and Communicating Online A written response by Kerri-Anne Hill TP 2 Unit COM10003 Swinburne University As an online learner aiming to be a professional in the field of Early Childhood Education, I have learnt the following. The skills and attributes I need in order to be successful in my chosen career are the ability to keep accurate records of children, the ability to communicate effectively with parents, families and co-workers. The ability to maintain order within a classroom, the ability to operate learning devices for disabled children. The ability to plan engaging children’s curriculum and document it to share. The ability to evaluate children’s learning to identify possible learning difficulties. A willingness to support and commit to the school and it’s strive for continual improvement. An ability to tackle unfamiliar situations using problem solving skills, enjoy working with children, have a well-developed imagination and be creative. Have enthusiasm for teaching young children, have flexibility to create curriculum that is engaging and age appropriate. Ability to reteach material to students until they understand it. Hold a Bachelors in early childhood education and create a warm and loving atmosphere for students. Learning online is different than learning in other context because when it comes to online learning it is flexible and convenient you can attend classes (collaborate sessions) from the your own home whiles being comfortable and complete your essays or assignments at any part of the day. Online studies are great for students who have family commitments or busy work schedules but still want to achieve a degree of some sort. However there are a few cons to studying education online including limited direct contact with fellow students and teachers also there is fewer opportunities for extracurricular activities or to join campus
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