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April 25, 2013 To: Kristin Williams Staffing & Talent From: Visit with Stepping Stone School Round Rock This being my first visit to a Stepping Stone School my expectations and standards were at level of prior pre-school facilities that I have worked at and visited it. When I entered into Stepping School at the Round Rock location the facility created a new level of child development standards. My first impression was that this isn’t a typical “cookie-cutter” style school. The facility layout and design created a much higher level of professionalism and learning opportunities for students. Security is one of the priorities of the school allowing more focus on teaching and student learning. The Parent Welcome Center provided warmth and a family type atmosphere with a place to sit and read to your child. The Parent Welcome Center also provided helpful information for the parents on childhood educational and parenting skills to broaden themselves. The classrooms are laid out for the teacher to help optimize the children’s needs and to improve teacher work flow. The resources for the children are at a higher standard for learning and motor skill development. Posted lesson-plans in every room allow teachers, parents and visitors to view what the children will be learning. After reviewing the…show more content…
With schools that I have worked at in the past that has not always been the case. The Stepping Stone School in Round Rock promotes excellent performance by staff with a small gift and celebrations of birthdays and anniversaries to help reinforce the Stepping Stone vision and promise. Overall, the Stepping Stone School is to me a very loving, caring, compassionate, and professional school. It is very welcoming to parents, students, and anyone who has the opportunity to

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