Change The National Anthem

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Our national anthem has remained the same since it was first adapted in 1931 by the Congress. The star spangled banner was a good anthem for the era in which it was adapted at. The anthem represents Americans being proud of the war in which we had won. Americans we should not be proud of such thing as a war. Instead, be proud of America and what it offers. Our immigrants come to this country in looks for what America offers, freedom. Let our anthem represent that free feeling. It is time to change the national anthem to something that represents what America is about, America is about providing freedom to the people. An anthem that when you sing or listen to it, it makes you feel proud of being an American. The perfect national Anthem will have to be America the beautiful; the title of the song says it all. The star spangled banner anthem lacks that proud feeling that Americans have for their land. The current anthem shows to others that Americans are proud of a war and all the blood that was shed. Americans should not be seen as Americans the big bullies, where we wave our flag proud in the face of other countries in times of a war. Singing a national anthem is something that should make you feel proud. Singing the national anthem should not require you to read between the lines to understand what you are singing. Our current anthem gives you a negative feeling when you figure out the meaning to the lyrics. Americans know that the star spangled banner is the national anthem but do not know the words to it. They do not get the meaning of it or do not get that sense of pride singing it. Americans should have that special connection or feeling to their anthem it is not just for some to feel but for everyone too. Americans are very proud people. Proud of the freedom they have in America. Our anthem should definitely represent that. The majority of the people who
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