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Essay one Patriotism and declaration for our American flag, the flag defines, freedom, independence and respect. The devoted love of America, and justice for all, also defense to protect the flag. American’s Willingness to sacrifice for our flag shows great loyalty. Desecration to the flag is prohibited, burning the Flag is illegal and is a constitutional law of the U.S. of America. The American flag symbolizes pride and freedom and is known worldwide. The flag also is known for symbolizing holidays. It is flown on holidays such as Veterans Day, Independence Day, and Memorial Day, in some parts of the country, the flag must be displayed at all times, for instance in the Military. I lived on base for ten years and it is a mandatory duty to…show more content…
our men and woman were deployed into combat recently due to the terrorist attack on 9/11. The American soldiers sacrificed their lives to protect what our flag stands for. We need to appreciate our flag and what it symbolizes; we should always honor our soldiers and fallen heroes who are continuing to fight and who have lost their lives to protect the freedom of The United States. My husband is a Americas soldier,he put his life on the line, to make sure his family and American people are safe from terrorists.He wears his flag proudly on his uniform he salutes and honors the flag every day. Burning the American Flag is illegal and it is a waging war on America and our brave men and woman who are dedicated to making sure our flag is never burned, ripped or disrespected. America is one nation. The U.S. shows great principles, freedom, as well as equality. Immigrants come to America for a different life from what they had in their country. When immigrants are welcomed into the U.S. and become legal citizens they have rights and privileges like every other American because we symbolize one nation for

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