Declaration Of Independence Document Analysis

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The declaration of independence is one of the most influential documents in American History. It might have been that Independence would have been declared even if the Declaration wasn’t written but it shows the bravery, courage, and pride those colonists had when they wrote the declaration of independence. The same bravery, courage, and pride every single American should feel, During the hard times, on the battlefields and when at home. This Document serves an important role in a Americans life. The Declaration Of Independence isn’t just another piece of paper (or in this case parchment). It is important to this country, it is a National Treasure. This document should mean a lot to an Americans. With out this document America would not be…show more content…
Money has been spent on guards, video monitors, bullet proof glass, four foot thick concrete steal plate vault, etc… If the money is being used for the document and to help it then its being put to good use. In the movie National Treasure the Declaration of Independence was stolen and now some people question the amount of money that is being used to preserve the document and to keep it secured. National Treasure was a movie and if a stunt like that was ever attempted all that would come out of it is failure, and severe consequences. It’s easy to do something in a movie but a movie is very different then reality. Patriotic men sacrificed themselves knowing writing this document could get them killed, and wrote this document so we could have freedom. The least we can do is preserve their hard work. The original signers did a lot in their time to keep this document safe. Sneaking it from house to house, long journeys to get it to a safe destination. They would be happy to see the home that this document lives in now and even happier to see the amount of money used to preserve this document and the effort that many men and women have put into keeping it preserved. The Declaration of Independence is a great importance to this country. Everything must be done to keep this document safe and preserved no matter what is needed to do so. John Adams, John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas
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