Pros And Cons Of Being An American

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The United States of American has risen from an optimistic idea by our Founding Fathers and evolved into the great nation that it is today. It would be difficult to describe only one aspect of what makes America great, as there are many values and ideas which have not only shaped our nation, but inspired individuals at home and all around the world. The “American Dream” is a way of life, based on the idea that if you work hard you will be successful. This idea has endured for well over a century, and people have come to America from all over the world for opportunity and a better way of life. I know this firsthand and have felt the inspirational power of this belief, because my own Father came to the United States with very little money, but an incorrigible desire to work hard and succeed. I’m thankful to all Americans who have risked their lives to preserve the ideals of freedom and equality that make the United States unique from all other nations around the world; Freedoms that have been fought for from as far back as our Founding…show more content…
Being an American means I am free to be a woman, to voice my opinion, and to be a person of logic and independence, capable of formulating my own thoughts and making decisions. But despite all of these personal freedoms, Americans are some of the most caring and giving people in the world, willing to go above and beyond to help others. There have been many great American leaders who have embodied this and stood up for others during difficult and challenging times. Abraham Lincoln bravely worked to hold the nation together during a Civil War, all the while striving for equality by declaring an end to slavery. Almost 100 years later, Franklin D. Roosevelt assured Americans that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” as he led Americans through the worst financial crisis ever and stood up against tyranny and violent oppression in Europe and

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