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1. How has Ceres' basic strategy evolved as the company has grown? Healthy lifestyle is key to good health and going organic has become a new standard of living for many households throughout the United States and most of the other parts of the world. Jonathan Wydown, saw potential in the organic market in the United States and in 1989 he started Ceres Gardening to promote sustainable organic gardens and landscapes to environmentally conscious consumers. Wydown has been an advocate of soil preservation, natural fertilizers and pest control. He was confident that in the future, same principles behind organic farming would be applied to home gardens and lawns. Wydown’ s vision evolved into the creation and development of a market geared towards organic seeds and seedlings for vegetables, herbs, and flowers, where the consumers would have the ability to grow their own organic produce. (Case page 2) This market niche and products became the company’s differentiator and competitive edge. Ceres developed a market niche for organic consumers who were concerned about the environment and wanted a healthy lifestyle. Although products are priced at a higher premium, the value from the company’s environmentally conscious strategy and segmentation allowed Ceres to develop a loyal consumer base. Ceres expanded its products offerings to include more open pollinated, organically grown,heirloom varieties of seeds and seedlings for vegetables, herbs, and flowers. The company also added developed plants, such as one-year-old trees which are more attractive to casual gardeners. (Case page 2) Ceres started off as a mail order catalog company and had a primary presence in California. As the demand for Ceres’ products increased, Ceres’s production capability was challenged and to keep up with the increased demand, Ceres opened a new farm and distribution center in Lancaster County,

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