Cell Phones Invading the Class Room

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November 6, 2011 Cell Phones Invading the College Classroom Should cell phones be allowed in the college classroom? This seems to be a big issue in the classrooms these days. Everyone seems to have a different opinion about this and, whether selfish or otherwise, is still entitled to that opinion. There are a lot of reasons why they should be in the classrooms but there should be restrictions on their use. I conducted an interview with my fiancée, Melissa Insley, on this issue and she happens to feel the same as myself. Cell phones should be allowed in class but they should be on silent unless the person has children or another important reason where someone may need to get a hold of them (Insley). A lot of people, me included, have ADD or other learning disabilities that make it hard for them to pay attention in class and the littlest bit of distraction makes them lose focus completely, and it is very important that they get the most out of the education that they are paying for (Insley). Even on vibrate it can cause a disruption to some people and that’s simply not fair to those who are really intent on learning the information. If someone really needs to use their phone for whatever reason that they can go out in the hallway outside of the classroom even for texting. It’s really annoying when people are texting and you have to listen to them typing on the keyboard and giggling or even getting angry through the text. If they happen to be getting upset or happy they might be shifting in their seat and making a lot of noise which in turn will distract people in class even more (Insley). It is also upsetting that a lot of people don’t understand that some of their classmates have learning disabilities and that they might not speak up about it bothering and distracting them (Insley). Cell phones are a huge disruption in many of my classes because it
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