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31936 Rosewood Ct. Lake Elsinore, CA 92532 June 13, 2011 Lake Elsinore Unified School District Lorie Reitz, Summer School Principal 545 Chaney Street Lake Elsinore, CA 92530 Dear Principal Reitz: I will be a junior at Elsinore High School next year. The first year while a freshmen student attending Elsinore High School , I was thinking that high school is all about fun and games. The last day of ninth grade came, it was the day I have received my grade report. Which leaded to four Fs’ just passing Dance and English? That is when it hit me. I have realized that being in high school is fun and games; you just have to work hard to get there. That summer I had went to summer school to make up. Surely the next school year came around…show more content…
The things that I like about joining the summer school online of year 2011 was being able to go on whenever you want as long as you have 24 hours a week. I personally love it because I can still wakeup late and enjoy my morning and do school work for a few hours, then go do things during the day and at night get thee other hours finish. I can actually enjoy my summer instead of staying in Lake Elsinore . Another Example, why online summer school was a good idea this year was because students do not have to go to school and stay there all day. Kids to get tired and some can not focus for six whole hours straight. With online, of course you have to do six hours but you can do it whenever. It allows you to take breaks between when they get exhausted. Finally important, I suggest that summer school online is good due to doing it by you inedepently. Yes, of course you have your meetings and test to go do inside the school lab, but you still have your independence. There are many kids that can not work right because what their teacher is in the same room, some worry about what the teacher is always thinking. Either they are worrying what their peers are thinking or how they are judging you. With online you can do everything by yourself, when you need help and you can not go to the lab right at the moment you can email, or mail message on the virtual profile site. Another option is to text, all kids love to text, so when you need support and quick response you can just text your teacher. That is what I love about getting help with the teacher, instead of worrying what or people might think or say in class. Joining summer school virtual online was a good idea, helped me with school and myself in the summer sun time. The experience was summer learning
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