Cell Phone Vs Payphone

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Cell Phones VS. Pay Phones There are many differences in the way we talk to other people in today’s world. To compare/contrast pay phones to cell phones is a no- brainer. Millions of people have now replaced payphones with cell phones. The invention of the cell phone was a great achievement. Almost anywhere you are you can utilize the cell phone. From in a car, on a plane to even out in the ocean, they are everywhere. Cell phones are the most popular means of communication in today’s world. While driving to work the other morning, I witnessed a bad wreck. I immediately grabbed my cell phone and dialed 911. A child fell in the grocery store and hit their head while I was buying groceries. A customer dialed for help on his cell phone. This saved time for the ambulance to arrive. If the store personnel had to run to their office to use the phone, it would have taken longer for the ambulance to arrive. The cell phone has multiple uses. In addition to the convenience, there is the web, watching movies, e-mailing or texting. Sitting in a doctor’s office way past our appointment time, I downloaded a movie on my phone to console a very hyper child. If you forgot to tell someone something important, send them a text. Use your phone to go online and check or send an e-mail, browse the web or play games. Telephone companies make more off of cell phones. You can choose different plans for the cell phone you have. The phone companies make money because of the repeat business they get each month from their customers. If you wish to keep your phone useable from month to month, you have to pay your monthly charge whether you use it or not. So with this repeat business from us, the little people, they are growing bigger. The pay phone is not a convenient form of communication for the present. You don’t find them on every street corner as in the past years. If you happen to

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