Bad Driving Habits Essay

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1 February 1992 Exemplification 9 March 2012 Driving Habits When I drive I love to text, just like most people. I also love to eat, smoke, fix my hair, check my Facebook, talk, mess with the music, look at the sites, day dream, look at other people and everything else expect for focus on my driving. Since I drive so much I've become extremely careless with my driving habits, and put my life and other lives in danger on a regular basis. Between smart phones and all the gizmos and gadgets that most cars come with standard, we are surrounded by an array of distractions that take most drivers’ attentions away from the road. While I'm sure all these devices have good intent, they have ultimately taken focus away from the road and put more focus on other things like taking a picture a posting it on Facebook or stopping at the drive thru to eat while on the go. We have traded safety for convenience, and common since for smart phones. Yet, as obvious as these hazards have become we still continue to ignore the fact that one thousand people a year are killed in auto accidents due to cell phone use and one of those thousand could easily be me, my brother, my best friend, or someone else I love. Why do we do this? Most people just feel invincible, particularity young people. We think nothing bad can happen to us while we do something so mundane, like driving. Most people wouldn’t driving with a blind fold, so why would we use a phone while driving since it's essentially proven to be the same thing as driving blind? The fact is that no one can do two task at the same time, and studies show that driving while distracted is the same as driving while drunk. I, alone with everyone else on the road ways, have made into a habit to be driving while doing something else. Daily life for most Americans has turned into a race for time, so we have to multitask, and if that means

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