Professional Athletes Should Be Paid

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Briana Curd Period 7 1/14/11 Ever thought that professional athletes salaries were a little to high ? Most people have always thought that long before this century, there has been a number of books and articles written on just on the salary of a professional athlete. Some may think that there is no way someone who just plays a sport should get paid that much. The athletes themselves think what they are getting paid is perfectly fine and that they should be receive that much amount of money because of what they do. The important issue about this whole salary of professional athletes is that they are over paid for just playing a sport for a few months. Many people including the professional athlete thinks that what they are getting paid to just play a…show more content…
One of them being that the CEOs' of the team get paid more than the athlete itself. So just think about it, as much as the athlete makes for playing someone who doesn’t even play makes more than them. A professional athlete makes more than someone who works hard every day of their life. They will always make more than some people who have been working somewhere for 20 years. Even surgeon who are saving peoples lives every day are making less than a professional athlete would make in a day or in a year. Someone who is a professional athlete is being over paid. If they make more than someone who saves peoples lives than that is just wrong. No one who is playing a sport for just a few months should be getting paid that much money. Even though they are kind of putting their body in danger, that is their choice on what they want to do. So being a choice in playing professional sports for the money is wrong and not right. They amount they get paid should be limited. It should be limited at least to the amount of about what a surgeon makes for saving someones

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