Cause And Effect Essay: Causes Of The American Revolution

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Corey Johnson Brian Rafuse HISTORY 2010 LX9 November 20, 2012 Causes of the American Revolution The American Revolution was a war between the thirteen colonies and Great Britain due to the unlawful taxes and policies that were enforced. Great Britain had been in a war with France in previous years and was losing money because of it; therefore, the country needed finances to rebuild the losses and to put the country back to its original position before the war. Because of these needs, Great Britain began to variously tax certain things that were used frequently throughout the country, such as: trading, tea, paper, etc. This upset many of the people in the country to the extent of wanting to separate and call themselves their own country. This idea, though pragmatic in my opinion, wasn’t as sensible to some people that wanted to stay a part of Great Britain and wanted to be loyal to the country, hence being called “Loyalists.” The people that were for the separation were known as Patriots, for they stood up for themselves and wanted to have a better democratic country, which is where they would truly represent the country rather than the Parliament dictating everything without consent. This dictation was known as “taxation without representation” because they literally didn’t have any…show more content…
Yet in 1775, the American Colonies rebelled against British authority. The dramatic turnabout resulted from disagreements over the proper relationship between Britain and its colonies. Britain expected the colonists to obey the British Parliament “in call cases whatsoever.” The colonists, on the other hand, believed that there were limits to Parliament’s power. They believed they had certain rights that Britain should respect. Each side refused to yield, which led to a military showdown.
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