Cast Away: Surviving the Storm

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Cast Away: Surviving the Storm Cast Away is a classic story about am everyday man who gets stranded on an island. The film tells a story about Chuck, played by the famous Tom Hanks, learning to survive a terrible plane crash, and how he did so. It shows how one man began with thoughts of suicide, but kept hope, and believed in himself by the end. This movie is pretty much a one man show, but also a romance between Chuck and his girlfriend Kelly, played by Helen Hunt. Another well known actor seen at the end of the film was Chris Noth, who played Kelly’s husband. With director Robert Zemeckis behind the camera and Tom Hanks producing, this adventure/drama film was known to be one of the most successful films to hit box offices in December of 2000. I am into many different types of movies like horror, action/adventure, and of course those sappy romances that make you bawl your eyes out and go through about three boxes of tissues. Of course I like my blood and gore, with a hint of suspense, but I also like the stories about heartbreak, falling in love, and even second chances. I’m a sucker for these types of movies, and I never get tired of them. So, what I am looking for in a movie is a good film that is guaranteed to catch my eye, and that I will remember. I would also like to be able to share it with others. Rating movies to be bad or good has never really been my thing because I usually get into any movie and end up liking it, sometimes even loving it. What I used to decide if this movie was good or not, I looked for the quality of the score/soundtrack, the character development, and how it was edited. This movie showed a lot of potential in all three categories. When you think of an adventure movie you expect to see some action and intense scenes, am I right? Cast Away pretty much provides that as you see Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) learn how to keep himself

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