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Smoke Signal. All of us has some favorite movies. Movies that we like to watch over and over. Some of the movies we remember, some do not. Some people like comedies others romantic or dramas. What's about me I do like movies that are based on true story. Movies that has meaning in them, some point and some sense. My criteria for a good movie is that there is no acts of violence ,no strong language. Nothing silly, nothing about love that will last forever. In my list of great movies are: Shindler's list, Green Mile, Seven pounds, Pursuit of happiness. These are the only ones that I can watch over and over and all the time I am finding something new in them. The movie Smoke signal is totally something new for me, because I never watch movies like this one before. Without any strong feelings ,without some thought that usually good movies leave in your mind after you watch them. Of course there is some meaning in that movie and I think it is just about how to forgive somebody, how not to judge the book just by it cover. According to "Jump Cut" a review of…show more content…
Also after watching it I did not had some deep feelings about any of the characters of the movie and I did not got anything learning from that movie. For some of people who loves movie just to relax they might love it. I was excepting from that movie that it will show maybe something about Indian person who will get education and make something different in his life, but it did not. Another thing that I still wonder is the name of the movie: Smoke Signals. My opinion is that in the begging of the film smoke showed the death and trouble for somebody. At the end when Susie burned the trailer of Victor's dad is showed me at least beginning of something new. Beginning of the life and also I saw that maybe his father relieved because his son forgive

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