Case Study New Belgium Brewery

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Case Study New Belgium Brewery Social Responsibility and Ethics Management MGMT 325 Activity 1.3 Case Study New Belgium Brewery 1. What are the ethical issues in this case? The ethical issues in this case revolve around the core values of New Belgium Brewing Company. NBB is promoting a beer culture with responsibility, and enjoyment for beer in a kindling, cultivating, balancing and trusting environment. New Belgium Brewing Company was founded on the ethics of sustainability and social responsibility. These set of core values and ethical concerns are promoting a business role model for cultural change. In their company’s values and beliefs, New Belgium does not only focus on monetary issues. They touch on a variety of topics that are socially responsible orientated. Culture, employee moral, authenticity, innovation, and environmental issues are all things that are focused on in their values. 2. What keeps other companies from having the commitment to environmental sustainability that NBB has evidenced? NBB has observed that other companies fail in having the commitment to environmental sustainability by overlooking the opportunity to recycle glass. NBB attempted to develop an idea for a bill known as the “bottle bill” that would promote glass recycling by adding a deposit on purchases that would be returned to the consumer upon return of the bottles. However, other companies have viewed this as a tax on their product and see it only as raising the price of their product, and did not agree with this type of bill. 3. Are you more likely to purchase a product from a company with a strong commitment to sustainability? I would favor purchasing products from a company that is taking great strides towards developing an industry that is environmental friendly. Resources and our negative environmental footprint as a society have become more and more harmful every

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