Corporate Citizenship & Political Competence

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Good corporate citizenship (CC) and political competence (PC) are related in means that one works for the other. For example, without corporate citizenship (working for the people) lets say there would be nothing to change. So we're working for the people but without the right allocations we wont get anywhere. That's where political competence plays a role. Political competence is what can really make the CC part of it shine and in turn CC will make political competence shine. Political competence is one of the skills necessary to apply good cooperate citizenship. Both are related to ethics. Whereas good corporate citizenship is about an organization acting ethically toward society as a whole, political competence is one of the necessary skill required to apply good cooperate citizenship, which is a number of related skills. Good CC, for example, a company CEO of a HCO defines good corporate citizenship as meeting the growth and demands placed on health companies by society in an economically, environmentally and socially responsible manner (“The Power to Change: Mobilizing board leadership to deliver sustainable value to markets and society”, 2001). Obvious there is a overlap between the two concepts (CC and PC). Political competence is definitely part of good corporate citizenship, and good corporate citizenship is part of political competence. Good corporate citizenship is about integrity, honesty, and service to the community. Political competence is about skills, perspectives and values necessary for effective political involvement. Whether it be a means to an end, as political involvement is part of good corporate citizenship also (i.e., protecting minorities), we use our skills, perspective and values to apply corporate citizenship, to be responsible. Bringing CC and PC together like Batman and Robin. “The Power to Change: Mobilizing
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