ALL WK 1, Dq's, Questions And Answers

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ALL WK 1, DQ’s: WK 1, DQ 1: What is a business’s obligation to build an ethical culture and balance its desire for profit with ethical responsibilities to employees, customers, society, and the environment? Ethics is different from one person to the next, so it is imperative that business clearly define the norm for staff members and management. The decisions organizations make influence more than business partners, affiliates, culture, and others. It is important for organizations center of attention on maximizing shareholder revenue. Therefore, maximizing profit without causing destruction to the business culture can be a balancing act for most organizations. Businesses have an obligation to establish and maintain an impartial balance between money and company ethics. This can be a challenging situation for business people to make decisions on the pros and cons of…show more content…
What is the main purpose of the Constitution? The main function of the constitution is to guide the branches of government. The constitution summarizes the each branch power and rights for every state. Also, the constitutions spell out the significance of trials, civil liberties, and unmistakably describe responsibility of government agencies. For example, the constitution explains the civil liberties such as freedom of speech, religion, and media access. Furthermore, authority of the 3 legislative branches, executive branch (President), and Supreme court (judicial branch). 2. What authority is left to the states? The states have a specific amount of authority or power, which is to set forth times, places, and how to guide elections. Congress monitors state situations and makes certain they are in compliance with section 4 of the constitution. 3. Explain why the Supremacy Clause and the Commerce Clause are important to
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