Impact Of Corporate Social Responsibility

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ABDUL WALI KHAN UNIVERSITY MARDAN SUBJECT CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ARTICLE CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY & CORPORATE REPUTATION SUBMITTED TO DR. SHAHID JAN KAKAKHEL SUBMITTED BY FAISAL AHMAD & LAILA KHALID ROLL NUMBERS 32 5 DECIPLINE MBA (1.5) DEPARTMENT MANAGEMENT SCIENCES SEMESTER 2ND ARTICLE: CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBITLIY & CORPORATE REPUTATION. 1. ABSTARCT. The aim of this research paper is to analyze in what way Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is capable of enhancing corporate reputation. In the past companies often thought to business and society as being in opposition, but in these…show more content…
Brammer and Pavellin, (2006) argued that CSR has been considered as a source of sustainable development and has become an emerging imperative. Edwards (2005) argued that in order to achieve business objectives, business organizations should look at the environmental and social impacts of their business processes as well as their products. Addressing the interests of direct stakeholders should not be the only priority of the businesses but they must also indirect…show more content…
The possibility that environmental oriented responsibilities, community oriented responsibilities, legal responsibilities, and customer oriented responsibilities of cement industry of Pakistan will lead to enhanced reputation. Corporate social responsibility is a mainstream business management issue all round the world (Fredrick & Thomas, 2012). An extensive research is going on for environmentally and socially responsive businesses. The decade of 1990s is considered to be the landmark in pushing corporate social responsibility on top agenda after a heavy swell of consumers concerns all around the world. Brand integrity issues presenting brands e.g. Martha, Stewart and Nike to solve integrity issues highlighted during the Barings and Shell episodes. Today a set of globally acknowledged standards are available for business organization that want to be judged for its impacts on environment and society. Some of these standards include SA 8000 social accountability standards, the ISO 14000 for environmental management system and recently the Global Reporting Initiatives guidelines for sustainability reporting. In Pakistan Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan is the first contributing authority for code of

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