Using Jung's Theory: According To Jungian Theory

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APPLICATION QUESTIONS Using Jung’s theoretical concepts and stages, assess Mark’s personality. 1. What is Mark’s attitude, according to Jungian theory? Provide evidence for your answer. a. Mark is an extrovert person according to Jung’s theory. The defining characteristics of an extrovert are one becoming energized when surrounded by lots of people and one who loves to socialize and be the center of attention. Mark has a stimulating job and gets many thrills from the danger and hero worship he is provided every day. As a child he always knew he would be in a service occupation where he would work with people. He was quick to move out of his parents and provide toward his adult life. He avoided the police academy when he feared the monotonous paperwork over the face to face contact of firefighting. 2. What is Mark’s superior function, according to Jungian theory? Provide evidence for your answer. a.…show more content…
According to Jung’s theory, what archetype has mark been influenced by? How do you know this? How does it influence his behavior? Is Mark aware of its influence? Explain. a. The Hero Archetype. Mark has been influenced by habitual pattern of symbols, situations, or images found in literature, art, religion, and mythology. The heroes who are Archetypal are generally courageous, brave, and strong. Their passion is that of saving those individuals around them who are weaker, for instance children and women. In the society, these people are often venerated, admired, revered, worshipped, idolized, and looked up to. Right from the time he was still a young man, mark had started to build the idea of being regarded as a hero. He started this by role-playing games before turning to be a super hero. In his adolescence stage, he found out the quest of taking a service job as a police officer or a firefighter. Finally, when he is regarded by children as a brave man, he feels good. At the same time, his job of firefighting makes him feel valiant and

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