Heriosm in the Outsiders

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A hero is a person who is brave, does great, and is admired for doing so. Stereotypically, a hero is a vigilante who fights crime daily and may even have a costume. Nevertheless, a hero does not have to be a man in spandex, nor does he have to save lives but rather, he must be willing to sacrifice in an act of selflessness. Heroism can be found in the novel ‘The Outsiders’ by S.E Hinton. These heroes are known as the Greasers. Although they have tough lives, they pull through and defend themselves from a vicious gang called the Socs. There are many characters that may be heroes, but there are three that should be admired for their acts of heroism. Heroism can be defined by the acts of Ponyboy, Johnny, and Darry. Although he was quite young to be part of the greaser’s gang, Ponyboy Curtis showed many people that he could have been one of the greatest hero’s in the novel. Ponyboy is one of the few people in the story who respected others as well as Socs and did not enjoy fighting. Throughout the story, Ponyboy ponders the question, ‘why people in both the Greaser’s and Soc’s gang enjoyed fighting’. The answers he received which were, “It’s fun” or “It’s for pride” or even “because we hate the Socs”. Ponyboy thought this was just an act of self-defence. This showed that Ponyboy had cared for everyone’s well being. Ponyboy should also be considered as a hero because of his act of selflessness. In the story, when the church was on fire, he thought he was the one who started it and became troubled that it was his fault. Immediately, he ran into the church, putting his own life at stake. He put the lives of the children who were in the church ahead of his own. All through the story, Ponyboy was one of the few people who actually respected the two classes of people: The Greasers and the Socs. Quite often defined as hesitant and troubled, Johnny Cade has stepped out of his

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