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1. Question: A question in response to this issue is what type of approach do you think they can take to change their perceptions? In response to this do you think a third party mediator or business coach would be beneficial to identifying needed behaviour changes for their firm? Their change in perception can begin by accepting the need to hire new expertise, spend time training them to accomplish the company’s goals, and add them as shareholders to the business for continuous growth and to keep marketing Pay Zone as a company with various skill levels. I don’t think there is a need for 3rd party mediators or coaches. I believe they need a full time business manager who will alleviate the company’s growth, and as a result, the owners will change their perception of what Pay Zone has the potential to become in the long run. 2. Question: If they were to do this, what would be the most important type of new hire to get? I believe that they need to get a business manager first that can help the business grow by coming up with new ways to restructure the company. Also, he/she needs to build a marketing plan for the services offered and software produced, and decide what other hires are needed to get the plan implemented. 3. Question: Do you think the major hesitance of changing the organization is the first time costs that will be incurred or more so the behavioural and structural changes needed? From the way Pay Zone is portraying its services and future plans, especially thinking of retiring soon, the owners will contemplate costs. I think they are in a position where they are comfortable with what Pay Zone has continued to produce and its current value that all the new major costs needed to grow may make them

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