Psy 320 Workplace Motivation Paper

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Workplace Motivation Paper PSY/320 May 14, 2014 Workplace Motivation Paper There are varieties of reasons why people go to work every day. The largest incentive to work is to make money therefore earning a living. When it comes to basic human needs e.g., food, shelter, clothes, and transportation are paramount. However, there are other benefits to working which are non-monetary. When starting a new job, a new employee will learn of all the non-monetary benefits that the company has to offer. These benefits help an individual decide if they want to work for the corporation long term. Once employed for a period, an employee will weigh out the pay and benefits’, deciding if relocating to another company has better plans. A corporation must have the best “perks” if retainment of good employees is beneficial to the company otherwise, employees may seek employment elsewhere (Reeve, 2009).…show more content…
Machines are no match for the effectiveness and efficiency of the employees. In the U.S. Navy if a sailor works hard, shows up on time everyday for an extended period, and goes beyond the call of duty, the Chief or Division Officer can do a variety of reward-based actions to continue to encourage that service member. A few of them could be early promotion recommendation, liberty pass in an interesting foreign country, or extra time off this ship to spend with family. This could be an example of extrinsic motivation. Understanding Motivation and Emotion, extrinsic motivation arose from environmental incentive and consequences, such as food, money, praise, public recognition, gold stars, privileges, tokens, approval, scholarships, candy, trophies, extra credit points, certificates, awards, hand shake from a senior officer, a pat on the back, prizes, and various incentive plans (Reeve,

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