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Rolls Royce P3/M1 In order for all the businesses to run and provide their services, they need to use a range of technological and physical resources. Without these, all functioning business cannot function effectively and will face problems carrying out their day to day business duties and activities. Both physical and technological sources need to manage carefully by the firm, to make sure they are used effectively to their full potential. Technological resources can include intellectual property i.e. designs, drawings, text, software licences, accumulated skills and experience and lastly protection via patents and copyright. Intellectual property: These are the resources that the company have protected by copy rights as they are their own ideas and they inherit the rights concerning what happens to them, when and where they are used. These kinds of properties in the manufacturing business can include the designs and drawings of the new products, some specific manufacturing method that only the company is known to use. The company currently holds the rights to their logo, and their specific car manufacturing design. No other company is able to pass off and manufacture their products with their logo, if they do then copyright obligations are held against them. Accumulated skills and experience: This outlines that experience gained by an individual accumulated over the years of their employment with that company. If the firms employee their employers for a long period of time, the skills will accumulate over the years of working with them as they build them from the experiences they have from the firm. The more experience the employees gain by working from the firm will help them develop their skills for their job as they will practise and apply their initiative to complete their duties. Experienced employees are due to perform better in their job as they

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