Tanglewood Case 1

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Case One: Tanglewood Stores and Staffing Strategy MGMT 485 Selection & Placement Staffing Organizations Authors: Herbert G. Heneman III Timothy A. Judge John D. Kammeyer-Mueller To: Daryl Perrone, Staffing Services Director Subject: Tanglewood Stores and Staffing Strategies Date: 1/29/2012 In today’s increasingly competitive retail market, companies are always looking for ways to improve performance and increase revenue. One important area some companies excel better than others in is staffing. Who a company chooses to staff it’s stores as well as how it chooses to do so will greatly affect the chances of its success. After reviewing the Tanglewood case, we have come up with some suggestions pertaining to staffing quantity as well as quality. Our suggestions are as follows: Acquire or Develop Talent Tanglewood has a very unique strategy encouraging all of its employees to be self-sufficient and voice their opinions when they have ideas for improving the company. We believe developing talent from within will go hand-in-hand with this strategy. By training existing employees to be managers, Tanglewood will be able to teach them a style of management that they feel is in line with the its mission and vision. The company’s investment into the employee will also act as a motivator for the employee. This will in turn lead to greater overall performance. Hire Yourself or Outsource It is our opinion that outsourcing is not the route the company should pursue. This could be a costly option. Another possible disadvantage is the recruiter has no idea or feel for the company and its culture. By doing the hiring yourself, it has implications of providing better quality employees that fit the company’s ideal employee profile. It will be easier to screen candidates since you know the strengths you would like an employee to possess. This will help preserve

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