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Conflict Diary of Captain David Mason. Date 16th April 2037: Today it’s my birthday, so I am having all the members from my platoon come to my local bar and have a few drinks with me to celebrate the occasion. It was a great night until we heard news of Russian president Vladimir Putin had threatened nuclear war against the USA. We had to finish our drinks early because of being called out by the President to go and get to the marine air base that was not too far from where we were based. I had received orders that we would be sent to Poland and set up camp just off the border of Russia and the next day we would be going to the capital city of Moscow to get inside the Kremlin and stop the nuclear warheads from being launched and to kill…show more content…
While we were on patrol there was a road that was not too far from the camp and there were two Russian soldiers just standing at the side of the road, my first instinct was to wait to see if the move and go back to the Russian boarder, but that soon went into the gutters when they started to walk towards us, so we decided to split up and take evasive action, so Woods and Mulipola went for the left one and I went for the right one. We abandoned the bodies in a nearby ditch and started to walk back to camp and check on the rest of the platoon, by the time we had got there all of them were up holding their guns because they thought they heard Russian voices in the distance, so I thought it would be best if we moved out early in the morning. Date 21st April 2037: We are about 10 minutes out from Moscow and every recruit is getting very worried about what they would be facing, they have been reading some of the newspapers sent from America and they have been saying that the Russians have been having some help from some sort of alien species and that they will be using some sort of ray gun that fires laser beams at an object and it will evaporate it. We have come to the Kremlin in Moscow and it is heavily guarded by big

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