Black Bag Narrative Essay

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---------------------- Mrs.--------- English 1 Honors 8 October 2012 Black Bag Monday High School, two words that can frighten kids since they might not know what it is like, what to do, who to hang out with or what to expect. Is it only about getting the good grades or is there more to it? Thomas --------, already graduated man, shares some insights to his high school experience. During high school, Thomas had all sorts of friends: “I had nerdy, red-necks, blacks, whites, boys, girls, older and younger friends; I was a real friendly person.” Although, he said that the group he usually hung out with were music lovers and nerdy guys “just like me”. Even though his class was one of the largest ever in his high school he cannot recall having…show more content…
As people would think, we wanted to throw the largest farewell party, but guess what” – takes a pause and chuckles, thinking of what’s coming – “The principal had a different idea; farewell parties within school hours were prohibited from that year on.” Looking all suspicious and rebellious continues with the story saying how they decided to stay outside after lunch and strike making it clear they were having the farewell party one way or the other. He continues: “the principal locked all the classrooms, confiscated our books, placed them in black garbage bags and let us know there would be tests on Monday. This day got to be remembered as “Black Bag Monday.” Even so, when asked about whether he regrets anything about those four years, Thomas though about it, got inspired, smiled and said “Absolutely nothing.” When summarizing his experiences and highlights throughout high school, Thomas was left speechless; “Highlight…Wow” when he finally reacted he said “too many years too many highlights but, definitely a big one was the party after high school graduation, when we realized what a family we had

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