An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge Summary

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Killed or Escaped “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” is divided into three sections. The author, Ambrose Bierce, arranges the plot of this story to emphasize the theme. In section I, Peyton Farquhar is standing on a railroad bridge, twenty feet above the water. His wrists are tied behind his back, and around his neck is a noose that is tied to a beam over his head. He is positioned on loose planks that have been laid over the crossties of the train tracks to create a platform. Two soldiers from the Federal army, a sergeant, and a captain closely surrounded him, and a Sentinel stood at each end awaiting the execution. A motionless company of infantrymen, led by their lieutenant, stands assembled before the fort. As the two soldiers finalize the preparations, they step back and remove the individual planks on which they had been standing. The sergeant is now left standing at…show more content…
Unable to join the Confederate army, he yearned to help the South’s war effort in some significant way. One evening, Farquhar and his wife were sitting on a bench out in front of their house soldier rode up and asked for a drink a drink of water. The soldier appeared to be from the Confederate army. While his wife was fetching the water, Farquhar asked for news of the front and was informed that Northern forces had repaired the railroads in anticipation of launching another advance, having already reached the Owl Creek bridge. The soldier told Farquhar any civilian caught interfering with the North’s efforts in the area would be hanged. Farquhar asked how a civilian could attempt some form of sabotage. The soldier told him that one could easily set fire to the driftwood that had piled up near the bridge after the past winter’s flood. The man, who was actually a Northern scout in disguise, finished his drink and rode off, only to pass by an hour later heading in the opposite

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