Narrative Essay: Birkelbach Memorial Stadium

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Austin Olson 1301.187 Professor CJ Aravelo 27 August 2008 Descriptive Essay Pop Warner It was a blistering hot Saturday afternoon at the Birkelbach Memorial Stadium in beautiful Georgetown, Texas. It was my little brother Logan’s first football game of the Pop Warner season. The game was Georgetown eagles versus West Austin. Watching my little brother play the game is going to be great; but I could not wait for it to be over so I could go home and watch college football. I had just pulled up and stepped out of my truck when I heard the whistle for the kickoff. I hurried my way to the stadium entrance which was basically just a hole in the fence since the stadium is no longer used by the high school on account of their new college-like high school stadium.…show more content…
When I left from the snack bar, I spotted my family sitting in the stands. There was my Father, Wynn, who is about six feet one inch tall and balding with a little bit of a comb over, the my mother Robbi who is five feet four inches and has long brown hair with gray strands here and there. Lastly, my little sister Kjirsten, who is not so little, she stands just under six feet tall and plays basketball as a post for Georgetown High School. When I finally got to where they were sitting, I took a deep breath and noticed the fait smell of fresh cut grass and paint most likely from the lines and numbers on the field. All this time, I was not even paying attention to the game until, I heard the whistle for the end of the first quarter and Georgetown had

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