Canada vs America Essay

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Differences Between Canada and the United States of America By appearance Canada and America may seem very similar because they are bordering countries, but in fact they have many differences. The political systems and currency, as well as education, climate and landscapes, are just some of the differences between the countries. Canada and America are both extraordinary countries that function differently, but each has distinctive differences. One of the most prevalent differences between Canada and the United States is their government. The Queen of England has been the head of State of Canada for almost 60 years. Canada’s government is made up of the Prime Minister, Senate, and the House of Commons. Just like the government Canada also has different currency. Canada uses one and two dollar coins called loonies and toonies. Canada’s dollar used to be worth more than the United States, but in recent years it has been changing. The United States President is the Head of State, as well as the President of the country. The U.S. also has a Senate and House of Representatives in the government. An election is held every four years to elect or reelect a president. The president has an over all harder job than the Prime Minister because the United States is involved in many foreign affairs as well as its larger population, and higher crime rate. People from Canada and the United States have been in constant debates over which country has a better education system. Canada goes from grades one through twelve, and has different subject material. Each province in Canada has a slightly different layout, but they all learn the same material at the same levels. Canada still uses metric for measurements, and temperatures. Canada’s country history is just as important as any other countries. Every grade students learn about a different countries accomplishments as well as their
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