1908 Newspaper Analysis

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The structure of the 1908 newspaper is not the only main difference compared to the newspapers written today. By looking at the 1908 copy of the British Colonist you notice that many of the political, economic and cultural topics they portray are significantly different than any we would currently see. The way the British Colonist shows the world in 1908 explains how differently people back then approached similar problems that we currently face. The reflection of Canada and the world the paper during that time depicts is different in a lot of aspects. How they solved political problems, the way the money and taxes were used, and the way they viewed minorities is just some of the main differences found in most copies of that year’s newspapers.…show more content…
The economic differences were exemplified in many articles in the 1908 newspaper. In 1908, the schooling systems were still ran by the churches so if they did not offer education for your language or religion, kids were forced to assimilate into that certain type of schooling. This was only if kids were even lucky enough to attend school, a lot of kids were forced to start working at a very young age to help support their families. Every politician promised the people a rise in the countries economy, and to lessen the taxation but time after time the economy plunged deeper and nothing was ever settled. A huge economic issue was the building of the railway. This railway building was a costly 35 million dollars coming directly from the countries taxation money. The Canadian government was putting tax dollars into the building of railways and roads instead of things like health care and better working…show more content…
The reflection of the world in the 1908 papers show that it has substantially changed since then, most of the economic, political and cultural beliefs would very rarely come across our newspapers in today’s society. The political problems they faced in 1908 are quite different than in our current era. For instance we wouldn’t come across meeting times and locations of certain political parties, and the paper would be unbiased and have many more different opinions. Economically today, Canada has extremely good health care and although we pay for it in our taxes, it is extremely beneficial. The government’s priorities now are more on health rather than road construction or railway building. Canada also offers free public education in English, French emersion, Punjabi, first nations and many other languages. In our media today we would not come across articles about woman fighting to be equals or as much racism as there was publicized back then. In conclusion, the 1908 newspaper articles showed a reflection of the world we lived back then that is exceptionally different then that of

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