RONA Inc's SWOT Analysis

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Rona’s SWOT Analysis Strengths 1) Leading Canadian Market Presence: It leading market presence is its biggest strength. Rona is Canada's largest distributor and retailer of hardware, home renovation and gardening products. They have more stores and market presence than any of its other top competitors like Home Depot, Home Hardware, Canadian Tire and recently Lowe’s. 2) High Involvement in the community: Rona’s high involvement in its community is a definite strength. Rona is a National Partner of Canadian Olympic and Paralympic teams which competed recently in Beijing and supported 34 Canadian athletes nominated to compete in the same . It shows its involvement also by being the official home improvement supplier and National Partner of the Vancouver 2010 winter games . Rona supports 100 high performance athletes through its “Growing with our Athletes Program” . Rona shows its concern for children through its support for the Children’s Aid Foundation. Rona continually gets involved in such “Public Relation” activities which go a long way in building a strong brand. It has donated substantial amount of resources for many community organization across the nation. Rona also provided nearly $2M to finance 2 university chairs in Ethical Management . Rona shows its involvement in Canadian community by its partnership with Canadian Red Cross. 3) A Strong Canadian Image: Rona has a strong Canadian image that comes to its advantage. Most of the 70,000 different products that they carry come primarily from manufacturers or distributors located in Canada. Their Canadian image could also be due to its high involvement in its Canadian community that gives Rona this unique strength. 4) Customer Service and Customer Experience: Rona’s desire to satisfy each customer as if they were neighbors from the time Rona was just a co-op of small hardware stores has instilled

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