Political Culture In Canada

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Political culture in Canada is much different than the political culture in most other countries in the world. Canada is a nation in which its wide range of political views and ideas cannot be defined with one word, or even a single phrase. To describe the politics that surround the people in the worlds thirty fifth most populous country would require quite an in depth and behind the scenes view of the nature of our country. To truly understand or even begin to comprehend the political struggles each and every able bodied voter in Canada must go through is nearly unfeasible. There are many things, words, or people that may try and define Canada and its political culture between the 1990's and present, but to be truly honest one must come to the conclusion that unless you intend to write more than a few measly sentences, you may not even come close. Now when many people try to describe the political culture of Canada they think of three things that have shaped the politics of our nation recently, the separatist movement in Quebec, the emergence of conservatism in the west, and the blow the Liberals have taken due to the emergence of the Sponsorship scandal and the Gomery inquiry. These three things, all encompassed into a single nation of politics is what shapes our nation today, and maybe even defines the term of Canadian political culture. Since the days when the first English - French confrontation happened in the recently discovered Canada, political culture in Quebec has always been different from the rest of the country. The French-Canadians have always been looking for and perhaps maybe pushing towards a separate and sovereign country of their own. They propose that "With a sovereign state, the people of Quebec will be better equipped to foster their own economic, social, and cultural development" . This political culture is something that definitely rubs
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