Should Immigrants Be Allowed In Canada

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Immigration has been a touchy subject since the late 1400’s, when the Europeans came to Canada. The first nations had troubles living with them and so did the Europeans. To this day we still haven’t worked this issue out completely. And that’s just over 600 years. Think about the issues that Canada has had with the immigrants that have come in the last hundred years. Is there going to be disagreements for another 500 years or longer? Such as charging Chinese immigrants a head tax back in 1885, or actually banning Chinese people from Canada. Are they going to ban us from China, or is this going to resolve itself? And we have most definitely had a hard time with the Indians. With the Komagata Maru, and the Continuous Passage Act, Canada wasn’t greatly appreciated by India. Canada doesn’t exactly have the best past when dealing with immigrants, but in the last 100 years, we have made a much greater effort in allowing immigrants into our country. The Komagata Maru incident, is one of the worst things, in my opinion, that Canada has ever been a part of. Promising that they could come into Canada if they did something, they do it, and then not let them into Canada. Of the over 350 immigrants that were hoping to come into Canada, only…show more content…
Canada and immigration policies have never really gone together until the last twenty to twenty five years. Only then did Canada realize that immigration isn’t a bad thing and that we were mistreating the people that wanted to come to Canada. Think of back when the Canadian Pacific Railway was being built. WE promised these people so much only if they came to work here, and we tricked them. The land that promised them this stuff was obviously not the promise land. But now it is. Canada is one of the most sought after places to live. And rightfully so. But nowadays we don’t reject even a fraction of how many people we rejected 50 years

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