Argumentative Essay: Conscription In World War One

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Abigail Keats Mr. Bowden Canadian history 122(4) 16 December 2013 Conscription in World War One Conscription has always been an unappealing option when looking for soldiers for war. Conscription is when every male between certain ages are forced to join the war. In World War 1 many believed that Canada shouldn’t be getting involved in the war, especially the residents of Quebec. Others we ready to volunteer but there weren’t enough of them to keep the troops replenished. Conscription is a method used by many nations to ensure that the troops are replenished as needed (Granastein, Jones). In Canada however, there was some debate on whether or not we should even be involved in this war so Conscription was not a first choice by any means. The problem was that Canada was considered an ally to Great Britain and since Great Britain was in the midst of the conflict (Guay), Canada was expected to jump in. Many in Canada however didn’t believe we should even be allies of Great Britain, especially in a war taking place on another continent. These people who were against involvement were mostly Francophone. Since there was a vast population of French speaking people in Canada, there weren’t enough Anglophone volunteers to help Great Britain to the extent we were expected to (Guay).…show more content…
When a country is at war the whole population has to come together and support the troops away from home y providing the thing they need like food, supplies, funds for programs, etc. However when a large portion don’t believe we should be an ally, there is some resistance to support the choice to be out there. Since there was resistance there were less and less volunteers between the ages of 20-45 willing to go overseas(Granastein, Jones). The government had to do something because they couldn’t just pull out. So they succumbed to heir last option:
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