Gurdit Singh's Migration To Canada

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July, 23, 1914, this day will always be remembered in my heart, for this was the day when Sikhs stood up for themselves and fought for a right that allowed Sikhs just like me a right to vote, a right to free speech, and a right to live how ever they pleased with out anybody pushing them around or calling the names or torturing them. March, 4, 1914, a man named Gurdit Singh decided to challenge the new immigration act passed in Canada stating that Indians could only come to Canada via a non - stop passage from there original country, by sending 394 Indians as immigrants to Vancouver on a Japanese steam liner called the Komagata Maru. Gurdit Singh began selling tickets for the voyage right up until 2 days before the voyage…show more content…
What was the reason behind all this?, what was the reason behind all that happened in Vancouver?, racism, pure racism, because the people of Vancouver thought that the Indians were going to come into Vancouver and take over factories, mills, and lumber yards so the government proposed a new act called the Immigration Act which allowed no Indians in Canada unless they took a direct passage from there original country to Canada, which was impossible, so in other words Indians weren’t allowed in Canada, but Gurdit Singh decided to challenge the new Immigration act and send 394 Sikh Immigrants from Hong Kong to Vancouver on a ship called the Komagata Maru, and just because of that, just because of Gurdit Singh’s Idea to try and challenge the Canadian Government’s Idea of proposing a new Immigration Act. We now have Indians in Canada rather than just having Canadians, Chinese, and Japanese in Canada, and Indians in
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