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The Separatist Movement in Canada By: Nick Pait 11-20-11 Mrs. Stroup The separatist movement in Canada has been going on for more than thirty years. The movement was started by French-speaking citizens of Quebec. These people felt like they should be a separate country instead of a province of Canada because of the cultural differences that exist between them and other Canadian citizens. These citizens continue to feel that decisions made in Canada will always favor the English-Canadians because they represent the majority of the nation’s people. Although many remain very determined to establish Quebec as a separate country, I do not think they will…show more content…
These people are protected in many ways by the Canadian government. However, if Quebec becomes a separate country, these people will lose their protection and benefits. They have threatened uprisings against the movement for many years. Finally, Canadian polls in recent years lead me to believe that French-speaking Canadian citizens are not as supportive of the movement as they have been in the past. There does not seem to be as much media coverage of the movement in the past decade compared to the early years. Only about twenty percent of Canadians actually think that Quebec will ever separate from Canada. If people do not think that it is a very real possibility, it is hard for me to believe that they will be dedicated to making it happen. Not only do I think that the separatist movement in Canada will not gain strength over the next twenty years, I actually predict that it will grow weaker. With the current state of worldwide unrest, I think people are much less likely to support any radical uprisings that would add to the chaos. I do not think that such a small group of the world’s people would want to be responsible for starting what could turn out to be another world war and could lead to the end of the human

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