Athens vs Canadian Democracy

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Athens (The world’s First Democracy) 508 BCE vs. Canadian Democracy Now Leadership: Many years ago, the founders of democracy were Athens. Comparing their democracy and their Athenian government to the Canadian democracy today is a quiet a drastic change and it definitely took many steps to bring democracy where it stands today. For Athens one man was the leader of the Assembly and the Athenian Government. The leader had to be a male and was also chosen by only males. A new man for the title was chosen every day. However today, the case is “a little different”, the leader is not only allowed to be a male but even women are allowed to run for the position. The leader either male or female is chosen through an election with both males and female citizens voting and the leadership lasts about 4 years. Powers Of Assembly: The powers of assembly of the Athenian government compared to the powers of assembly today in the Canadian government have also changed a lot in time. In the Athenian government, the people met around 40 times a year to discuss problems, issues, matters, situations, laws and more. They passed laws without consulting them and getting them approved, they were the leaders and took advantage of that. Also only Athien born male citizens over 18 were allowed to vote. However today, the Canadian democracy runs differently. Anyone over 18, as long as they have the Canadian citizenship, male or female are allowed to vote. The people of the government met regularly as needed throughout the year, approximately 150 days a year. They passed laws, but before the laws were passed, they needed to be approved by the Senate and receive Royal Assent. Administration: The administration meaning the way the government ran was makes it a country of democracy, even though there are definitely changes from back then to now, most remain the same. The Athien government had

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