Can Firearms Be The Best Solution

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I have read an article about the danger women faces everyday when they go out alone on the streets. Silko, the author, argues about if women should be taught to use a weapon to defend themselves. I think it's not the best solution because there are many risks. Weapons should not been used by any mean by women or men. Women are easy target for men to abuse them because women can't defend by themselves. However, Silko's dad taught her how to use guns when she was very young. She explains that as she grows up, she realized that having a gun makes her more confident and secure. I certainly agree with her with the fact that women are easy target on the streets by men. In the article, she emphasizes that many women are being abused or rape and the police does a little to help them. So, she thinks if a woman is armed this won't be happening often. I complete disagree with her abut her statement. I don’t think women should be armed to avoid these problems. It's not the best solution. Maybe for her it is because she might know how to handle a situation which involves to use her gun. For example, if a woman is followed by a stranger and this person just wants to ask her something. That doesn’t mean that this individual is going to do anything bad to her but she might think that he's going to hurt her. This could lead her to use her gun if she has one. For no reason, she would have killed a man. This is a result in which I think guns is not the best answer to this issue. There are always risks when anybody goes out to the streets alone. Not just for women but everybody else. I think there are other ways to prevent this from happening. Authorities should put more policemen on the streets especially late at night. Some times women work at night shifts so it will be safe for them to get home. Silko at the end of the article suggested another alternative to help women to

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