Guns Sex and Education

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Jamie O’Meara’s Idea is that for children to lose interest in using guns there should be gun education as part of the school’s curriculum. He believes not only that it will remove the mystery but teach children to be responsible with guns. With that, gun education in schools is an idea which needs support. Teaching gun education will remove the curiosity and glamour of guns, cut down on accidental injuries and deaths, and promotes the idea of a gun being a tool and not a weapon. Firstly, exposing children to guns and gun education will take away from the curiosity they might have later in life that would have led to an issue or incident. Sex education has shown that this method is effective because when a child is educated they will have a greater understanding about the dangers and other aspects of guns they wouldn’t have known about beforehand. Just like Jamie O’Meara (2000) was saying “that sex education is taught so that kids will have a better understanding of how their bodies work, why they feel sexual desires, and how to act (or not) on those desires”. Children will gain the confidence to make responsible choices when it comes to gun use and resulting in making better decisions. The media puts this image in children’s heads that there is something fun about having a gun and also that it gives you power and you can control people with it. This is most definitely the wrong message to give out to children, and with gun education in schools students can be taught the practicality of gun use. Similarly to being taught the reality, being taught gun education in schools disappears the glamour surrounding children are exposed to and brings forth the consequences of gun use and abuse. By removing curiosity children have in guns we will see a decrease in the misuse of firearms and media influence as well as stronger boundaries in gun use. Secondly, by having
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