Bsa 175 Week 4 Individual

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Riordan Service Request Part Three BSA/375 The Riordan manufacturing company has requested help incorporating the company’s current Human Resources (HR) tools into an application for every one of their locations to utilize. Part one will cover the following topics, key stakeholders and what their requirements are for the new system, information gathering methods, tools used by the systems analysis and what the scope of the project is. Riordan Manufacturing is worldwide producer of plastics with sites in both the United States and China. Their main corporate offices along with the Research and Development center are found in San Jose, California. The service request was submitted by the Chief Operating Officer, Hugh, McCauley. They would like to integrate current HR tools into a single unified application. The requestor also expects the team working on it to create a detailed system design and project implementation plan that will be required to complete the project. Key Stakeholders Who are the stakeholders in Riordan Manufacturing that we would be speaking with in order to gather the requirements from? In effort to fulfill the request we need to find out more information about the current system in place and what requirements are needed for the new system. We can begin by meeting with those higher up individuals in the Riordan Manufacturing Company and then a few employees that will actually be utilizing the system more often than others. The first to be met with would be Hugh McCauley, who put the service request in. He is the Chief Operating Officer for the company, Hugh would be able to better define the requirements that are needed for the new system. The next individual would be the Director of HR, Yvonne McMillian and at one individual from each discipline within HR. To name a few, payroll, records, and

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