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Cookies or Brownies? I never have anything to do during the scorching hot summer days. Through the process of wondering what I should do, baking always seems like the obvious solution to my boredom. There are always ingredients stocked up in my house, so the decision of what to make is not always easy. When looking at the assortment of ingredients in the cabinets, there is only one question, should I bake brownies or cookies? When making brownies or cookies, we can buy a box of the dry ingredients. All that needs to be added is the egg, some water, and oil. Otherwise, we can make the homemade treats that everyone loves. Both brownies and cookies are both fairly easy to make. They both require mixing and baking. Cookies take about eight to twelve minutes to bake while brownies can take up to thirty. Cookies begin as a light doughy mixture. In contrast, brownies are a more watered down-solution. Through appearance we can tell that brownies and cookies are different. Brownies are usually cut into squares, they are thick and have a thin crispy layer of light brown on top while the middle is a spongy dark brown. In contrast, cookies are a thin circular shape, and can be many different colors. They are usually a light tan color, but that can change based on what ingredients are tossed into the cookies. We can choose from many varieties of cookies such as chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, or molasses, while brownies have basically one recipe and almost always look the same. When we bite into either a brownie or a cookie, we can taste both chewy and delectable traits. They fulfill ones need for sweet and delicious desserts. Although they both satisfy my sweet tooth, they do it in different ways. When I take the first bite into a brownie, I taste the rich and savory flavor of chocolate. My teeth crunch into the thin film on top then immediately I can feel the

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