Boy Still Missing

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Boy still missing What I liked the most in the book “Boy still missing” from John Searles is that the author is surprising us until the very end. I give this book an 8 out of 10.It’s very interesting story but I think it’s a little repetitive at the end in the Holedo Motel. On the other hand, the debate about abortion is well present in this story which makes it even better and that’s why I think this book is a national bestseller. For me the most surprising part is when Dominick discovered that Edie tried to pay him back but his friend Leon stole all the money to buy a car. The reason this part is so good is because Dominick just kidnapped Edie’s baby because she stole him the money. The money she stole him cost his mother’s life because she needed the money for his abortion. In other words, he is just kidnapped a baby for no reason, his whole motivation to find Edie’s house and steal her baby has no logic since she paid him back already. The best part in my opinion is when he goes to New-York and he tries to find Edie’s house. This scene tells us so much about his mother, his brother Truman “Randolph Burdan” and his uncle Donald. We also learn about the man named Peter Tierney which is the man that was married to Dominick’s mother when they got Truman. He died in an accident leaving behind Truman and his mother. I think that Dominick, his mother and Jeanny left a positive impression on me. First I think that Jeanny helped Dominick to overcome the death of his mother. She helped him with the baby and made him realise what was truly important and there was no point to get vengeance for his mother. I think Dominick’s mother has always been a good person, she wanted the best for Dominick and supported him whatever he did, I quote: “My mother and Marnie always used to talk about thinking with their heats versus thinking with their heads” (253). Dominick’s father has

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