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How I Was Raised By: Alex Keller My name is Alex William Keller . I am the brother of Erin Wigley and the son of Martha and Bill Keller. I went to Seymour High School in Seymour, Tennessee where I graduated with honors. While in school I ran track, sang in choir, played soccer, and worked a part time job at a local movie theater. I got my license and a car at age sixteen. In Seymour all the schools are within one-hundred yards of one another so it was pretty common to know the same people from age five and on. Weekends for me were a mix of dates, work, and hanging out with my old friends. Even now the same people I played on the playground with in preschool are the same ones I go to the bar with in college. I'm currently a senior at the…show more content…
I take a high level of pride in my last name because I was always taught it represented our family as a whole. Whenever someone says “Alex Keller” is not a good person, they are shaming my entire family and that isn't something I should bring upon us. On the contrast my mother, hailing from Detroit, taught me about standing up for what is right and having my voice heard. Many social issues such as racism or homophobia were never really a problem for me. I literally didn't even know things like that existed till I got to intermediate school. So much of my personality and ethics come from my parents. One of the most important things I think my parents did was to not force religion into my life. Moreover, they did not equate being a moral person with being a religious one. This way, when my religion began to wane at times I never once felt like that meant I could just be a bad person. Those two parts of my life were always kept completely separate so that if someday if I abandoned religion wholesale, I would not abandon who they expected me to…show more content…
Racially, my town is stagnant. There were three African-Americans who graduated in my class and they were all of mixed race. My first experiences with inner city culture came from a UT pre-college program that recruited from all the local schools. I really enjoyed getting to know new people from different ethnic backgrounds. I never had a problem talking to people, regardless of how they looked or dressed. I was also exposed to different sexual orientations from a young age. Apart from my two loving parents, two of my mother's lesbian friends would babysit and help take care of my sister and I. My “fairy godmothers”, as they like to be called, are two people I credit for teaching me that love is love, regardless of who it is

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