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CNA Application Essay Why would I want to be considered for the CNA program? It seems frumpish, but why would I not want to be considered? I could go on in this paper about the medical terminology class and how it went last year, about the multiple injuries I have had that increased my knowledge of the medical field, or how I was thrown up on and did not even twitch (which by the way I am very proud of so do not judge me). Instead, I will try to break down what I feel makes me considerable for this program. Reflecting on the amount of schooling I have been through, I still enjoy my everyday math and science classes (I am very aware of my nerdy-ness). I conclude that it is the ideas and concepts that still infatuate me. These classes compose a consciousness in me to be able to solve any problem. My idea of solving problems as a kid was what I imagined most kids would do. I “fixed” all of my stuffed animals with bandages. Before long, I generated a dream of fixing real animals (thinking I wanted to be a vet), but of course, without a medical license that would be pretty…show more content…
I did everything I could do to make her feel better. It is funny to think of the interests I had as a kid. It just never struck me what I could do with the fact that I loved taking care of others. I believe it started when my grandpa had his third heart condition back in May of last year. Seeing what he was going through was something hard to understand and all I knew was that I would never want to be his situation. Having the flu is bad enough, a condition like this seemed unbearable. So, I became his (most amazing in the entire world) personal nurse. I helped him go to the bathroom, change his IV, and I sat next to him and held his hand when it was just not a good day. When I left for home after that visit, I saw the amount of joy on his face when he told me his appreciation of having me there to

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