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Well, now, again picking up where I left off last week . . . . Finally, after four worksite interruptions, we arrived at the in-laws’ house in Mississippi, right at two hours later than I had planned, thanks to the zippers. As soon as dinner was finished, I collected the reports from Sharon and the kids and set about recording their tabulations. The results on a total of 112 zippers (and do recall that we weren’t doing research at the first worksite): 51 (45%) were sports cars, of which 24 were red, 17 black, 8 silver. 29 (26%) were pickups, of which 19 (66%) were Chevrolets—no matter their color. 15 (13%)were family sedans. 10 (9%)were small SUVs or mini-vans. 7 (6%) were full-size SUVs.…show more content…
Before the evening was out, I had talked with a member of the family of 34 of the young white males. All were drivers of vehicles with Mississippi or Louisiana tags. Typically I reached the mother or father, the person who actually owned the vehicle. My approach was this: I told them that I was a cadet in the Mississippi Department of Public Safety training school and that one of my class assignments was to conduct a survey of the drivers of vehicles randomly selected on Interstate 10 by the Highway Patrol. I asked the following questions about the driver on that particular day: 1. What is the age of the driver? 2. What was the highest educational grade level (all the way up to graduate school—as if) he completed? 3. Has he ever been issued a traffic ticket? 4. Has he ever been arrested for a DWI? 5. Does he work? If so, does he earn at least minimum wage? 6. Has he been in the military, and/or has he played organized sports? 7. Is he married? 8. Does he have children? 9. Does he own the

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